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How to Sell a Domain Name

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You have a domain name that you think has some value and you're looking to sell. How would you go about doing so? Selling a domain is definitely a lot more difficult and time consuming compared to buying a domain. You have to figure out how much your domain is worth, find a buyer, handle payment, and transfer ownership. Here are basic tips to selling a domain name:

Assess the Value

You want to make sure you get what your domain is worth. There are a few things you can do to price your domain name.

Finding a Buyer

Before the .com bubble burst, you could sit back and wait for buyers to come to you if you owned a good domain name. These days you need to be much more pro-active when it comes to finding a buyer.

Using a Domain Broker

You can simplify the entire process by using a domain broker. An experienced domain broker will be able to appraise your domain, find a suitable buyer, receive top dollar, and make sure the transfer process goes smoothly. The downside of course is that you will have to share profits.

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