Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Dynadot has helped thousands of customers establish their online identity. We have customers from 108 different countries and six different continents. Below are some of the letters we have received from our customers.

You were right- I really appreciate your attending to my problem, even if you weren't the cause of it!

You get an A+ for customer service

C. M.

Dear Dynadot Team,

I am dealing with a lot of domain registrars worldwide but I must say that Dynadot is by far the BEST.

Your service is not only highly reliable but also very transparent, fast as well as highly cost-competitive.

Thank you very much for offering such an outstanding service.

R. E.

I just wanted to thank the Dynadot employees responsible for monitoring and shutting down Spam violators websites that are housed by Dynadot. I wish more ISP's and website hosting companies would take affirmative action too. Thanks again.

N. K.

Dear Dynadot Team

I have been registering my domains at Dynadot for the
last one year..I dont know what to say? You guys are
really doing a wonderful job.. The new domains are
just up in seconds once we make the payment..What a
nice feeling !!! Your options to forward
domains,change name servers and other features are
very user friendly..I would recommend you guys to
anybody with confidence in mind and satisfaction in
heart...I am already doing this.

Keep up the good job..


Wow !

A company that says... Sorry. It was a problem at our end. Sorry for the inconvenience. Unheard of these days. Based on your kind and honest note, I'd say that we can certainly do business from now on.

Please accept my thanks for being so honest and open in a world of the opposite.

You've won me.

Thanks so much !

D. S.


Thank you so much for making the domain purchase so quick and simple.

I use to go with *******, but as you know, they're just way too greedy, trying to sell you everything under the sun, all the while hiding the "no thanks, continue with the checkout" option or something to that effect. I don't trust them whatsoever.

I'll continue buying domains through dynadot, granted you keep it ultra simple on all accounts. That's what people want...

J. H.

I just moved a domain after having a nightmare months-long battle with *****.com. What a difference! I have dealt with ****** over the last ten years and this is by FAR the easiest registrar to deal with. I will be registering more domains here and recommending Dynadot to my clients. GOOD JOB!



I just wrote to tell you that I am VERY satisfied with your service!
First of all, the payment for registering domain names is very easy as you even accept unverified domain names!
And also, what I like with your site is that it's easy to use and to understand, unlike other sites with complicated stuffs which get people confused.

I just got a domain name transferred a couple of days and everything went smoothly. It was so easy!

Thanks for providing such great service!
I will always support you guys!



Thanks but again for your staff's quick and clear answers. Had I the budget I would be buying a hundred domains a day with DD -- yours is the best organized service I have seen around, after a month's worth of research when I wanted a new home almost one year ago. And, as I approach my first anniversary with you guys, your company has continued to exceed my expectations -- as you can tell by my growth from about 4 domains to my current 164!

Thanks and keep up the fantastic work.

B. I. G.

Hello ,

I just thought I should thank you for your really great and reliable service , I started with your company with just 1 domain and now I'm moving all my domains over here .
I don't care if my other registrar offer less price but your service is better for me than any thing .

Thank you .