Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Dynadot has helped thousands of customers establish their online identity. We have customers from 108 different countries and six different continents. Below are some of the letters we have received from our customers.

Just wanted to drop you a note to say that you guys are awesome. Super-quick, simple and the web-front-ent ROCKS. Do put some/more ads on google because I found you guys on yelp (san jose) and I can say that you're way way ahead of all the big-name registrars I've worked with.

H. 2.

I have been using Dynadot for close to 10 years now. It is still my favorite domain registrar for ease of use and the fact they concentrate on domain names and making it easy for their customers to manage them.

Thanks Dynadot for almost a decade of great service.


Great speaking with you today. First off, I need to compliment the phone support feel. By far the nicest most pleasant interaction a user can have when they call in. Hey, its not coming from a guy with just a few names... I have a lot of names a lot of places with executive account team status support answering! So hopefully as you continue grow that element isnt lost. I'm guilty of this with my support as I have teams in India taking calls. While I love my team there is just no training for natural sincerity. It reminds me when my girlfriend helps handle support for me... everything is just done so much better when she does it. There is a personal touch feel when I call in and I hope this letter makes it to the right guy so he knows that the rest of us notice this when we need help. Thanks :)


You guys are helping customers kindly and keeping things very smoothly beside that you also have good system that is easy to manager our multiple domains.
I have transferred many of my godaddy domains to dynadot due good service, good management cpanel and prices.


I recently placed an order, and I just wanted to say Thank you for
consistently providing extremely expedient processing.  In the entire
time I've used your service, I've never had more than a minute between
placing an order and it finishing.  I'm very happy with your service
over all, and really just wanted to share my appreciation :)

C. 3.

Working with you has been a pleasure, an excellent example of how to create good customer relations.

I'm glad to hear that you are following up to see if there is a problem; if a customer has difficulty, that IS a problem, so improvements to create a more user friendly interface are always worth doing.

And thank you for being cognizant of the time I have spent on this; at almost 82 years of age, my time is about my most valuable asset.  <G>

I hope your next customer encounter won't be as troublesome and time-consuming as this has been, and again, thank you for your prompt responses, patience, and courtesy.

All the best to you...


:) nice one. Dynadot are the best. I really think you guys are great - you can pass that on!

P. o. 1.

I hope there really are people who read these emails, or a very very  
very clever programme,  thank you!!!
You have been exceptional, your help, your promptness, and the  
accuracy of everything you have done.


Just a note of THANKS and APPRECIATION....... I spoke with Ms. Alex this afternoon and she was extremely helpful, information, and very patient.  It is nice to experience your excellence in Customer Care given the poor experiences we have had with other companies in the space.  Thanks very much and please keep up the good work.  Now if we can only get this transfer completed.


Domain Administrator


Thanks for the return emails.  You answered all my questions efficiently and I opened an account last night.  Today, I transferred one domain to Dynadot  to test everything and the transfer completed in 50 minutes, a record for me.  I set up the name servers and tested everything and everything went very well.  I will be moving several more domains in January.

So far, everything has worked very well.  Your staff has been very courteous and helpful, the software seems to work great, and I could not be happier.

Please keep up the good work, everyone.

B. A. T.