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Looking to connect your domain to the Caribbean islands? Look no further than .VG, the country-code top-level domain for the gorgeous British Virgin Islands, which is a region of the Caribbean. This domain extension is an ideal fit if you are a business located around the area, or a local connecting with other island residents. Having a .VG domain will give your website credibility in the region's market. .VG will also make your domain more memorable due to the extension only being two characters in length.

Registering .VG domains is open to residents outside of the British Virgin Islands. 'VG' is a commonly used acronym for video games, which has been a common alternative use for this popular domain extension. Whether you are a video game blogger, journalist, developer, publisher, or working on an indie game project, .VG will help label your domain as part of the video game industry and help you stand out from competitors. Video games are just one of the many uses for .VG  with no restrictions, you can use this ccTLD for any content that you see fit. Make sure to register your ideal .VG domain name before it is taken!


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About the British Virgin Islands, the Home of .VG

The British Virgin Islands, located in the Caribbean, is home to over 50 islands that are known for their beautiful sand white beaches and island culture. Due to this combination, it is a hot spot for tourism and is known as one of the greatest sailing destinations in the world. The region itself is considered part of the British Oversea Territories, and its residents are considered British citizens as well.

معلومات النطاق

سنة الطرح1992
الاستخدامVirgin Islands Websites
فترة سماحية التجديد40 يوم/أيام
فترة سماحية الحذف4  يوم/أيام
فترة الاستعادة30  يوم/أيام
يسمح بالخصوصيةنعم
يدعم النطاقات المدوّلةلا
يدعم DNSSECنعم
القيود المفروضةلا توجد
السجلKSregistry GmbH
صفحة ويكيبيدياWikipedia
سعر التسجيل (سنة واحدة)$29.99
سعر التجديد (سنة واحدة)$29.99
سعر النقل$29.99
سعر الاستعادة$99.99

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