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.GD is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the island country of Grenada. If you are looking to connect with the Grenadian communities and establish your presence in the country with your domain, .GD is your perfect opportunity. With this ccTLD, your domain will instantly be recognized as part of the countrys culture and displays your local connection. Businesses or organizations located in or operating around Grenada should utilize .GD to improve their chances of being found on search engines locally within the country. .GD is also a short domain extension, making it memorable for anyone who sees the URL. Register your .GD domain name today!


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About Grenada, the Home of .GD

Grenada, also nicknamed 'Spice Island', is located in the West Indies region in the Caribbean Sea. It consists of the main island of Grenada, along with six smaller islands to the north. If its nickname was not obvious enough, the country is known for its variety of spices, most popularly nutmeg and mace. Despite its small population, it has a distinct, welcoming island culture that is popular for its vibrant coastal towns, scenic waterfalls, and pristine sandy beaches.

معلومات النطاق

سنة الطرح1997
الاستخدامGrenada Websites
فترة سماحية التجديد40 يوم/أيام
فترة سماحية الحذف4  يوم/أيام
فترة الاستعادة30  يوم/أيام
يسمح بالخصوصيةنعم
يدعم النطاقات المدوّلةلا
يدعم DNSSECنعم
القيود المفروضةلا توجد
السجلKSregistry GmbH
صفحة ويكيبيدياWikipedia
سعر التسجيل (سنة واحدة)$29.99
سعر التجديد (سنة واحدة)$29.99
سعر النقل$29.99
سعر الاستعادة$99.99

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