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If you're looking to reach communities in Denmark with your domain name, look no further! The country code top-level domain (ccTLD) .DK is perfect for anyone from Denmark who runs a small business, local organization, hobby group, or just someone who wants to build their brand within the country.

.DK is a short domain extension that helps keep your name memorable, professional, and connected to the Danish culture. Already have a website with another TLD? .DK is perfect for complimenting your existing domain while ensuring that you reach the demographic that is relevant to you. With over 5.5 million residents in Denmark and .DK growing in popularity, a .DK domain is a must!


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Registering a .DK domain will help connect you with your Danish audience. Users from Denmark recognize the .DK extension and, by using it, it will help build trust with your customers. They have come to expect to see website addresses with a .DK domain. Your domain's visibility in Denmark will also increase as search engines place value on relevancy and showing local listings to users. With .DK, your brand will stand out from competitors not using the ccTLD!

نطاقات .DK دولية

يدعم .DK أسماء النطاقات المدوّلة (IDNs) باللغةالدنماركية! استخدم ميزة البحث عن النطاقات المدوّلة من Dynadot للبحث عن اسم النطاق المناسب باللغة الدنماركية على امتداد .DK وتسجيله الآن!

About Denmark, the Home of .DK

Denmark is a country in Scandinavia that is located in Northwest Europe. It contains an archipelago of over 400 islands and a main peninsula titled Jutland. Denmark is known to be one of the happiest countries in the world with its progressive social policies; it has a prominent focus on work-life balance, free higher education and renewable energy. The official language isDanish, though a majority of the country can speak English. Many Danes alsospeak German.


Dk hostmaster will email the registrant contact shortly after you purchased your domain. This email will contains the steps of how to activate your domain. If you are unable to locate this email, Please Contact info@dk-hostmaster.dk. Failture to active a .DK domain within 4 days of domain purchasing will result in your domain name being deleted

Updating your billing contact information used to purchase a .DK domain will cause the domain to transfer away from Dynadot and you will no longer be able to manage the domain on the Dynadot platform.

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