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.NET is Where the World Clicks

.NET is one of the most popular domain names and with 15 million strong, is still one of the best places to launch your business online. Credibility is important to your customers, and like .COM, .NET is powered by Verisign, so you can be confident knowing its trusted and reliable.

About the .NET Domain

Join the millions of entrepreneurs that bring their ideas to life not just on the net, but on .NET! The .NET domain is the choice of startups and small businesses alike, who want to create a successful online presence. Buying a .NET domain gives you the same reach as .COM - .NET domains are recognized around the world, making your website easy to find and remember. Become a part of one of the fastest growing domains by buying your .NET today!

The .NET domain is one of the original generic top-level domains (gTLDs) released in 1985. Although the .NET domain was originally intended for networking technologies, it was never restricted and today it is seen as a great alternative to .COM for both personal and professional websites. It is the third most popular domain after .COM and Germany's country code domain (ccTLD) .DE.

Protect Your Brand with a .NET Domain

Many businesses also buy a .NET domain to compliment their main website on another TLD such as .COM. In this case, buying your .NET domain name will help protect your brand. After all, if you don't buy your .NET domain name, someone else will and it is much more difficult and expensive to get a domain once it is already owned. If you don't want to set up a different website, you can easily redirect traffic back to your main website with our free domain forwarding.

If your .NET domain is your main website, then we recommend buying your .NET domain name in additional TLDs that would make sense for your website. For example, if you're planning to target a certain geographical market, you may want to consider buying your .NET domain name in that market's country code domain (ccTLD). You should also buy common misspellings of your .NET domain name to catch that traffic and redirect it back to your main website.

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International .NET Domains

Looking for an internationalized domain name (IDN)? The .NET domain supports all languages. Use our IDN search to find the right international .NET domain for you!

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.NET Domain Information

Introduced 1985
Usage General Websites
Renewal Grace Period 40 Days
Deletion Grace Period 5  Days
Privacy Allowed Yes
IDN Supported Yes
DNSSEC Supported Yes
Type Global
Registry Verisign
Wikipedia Entry wiki
Registration Cost (1 year) $9.99
Renewal Cost (1 year) $9.99
Transfer Cost $9.99
Restrictions None
Restore Allowed Yes

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