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com ws net org
ca tv cn 中国
biz guru clothing tips
today photography co pw
de info at eu
la tel name cc
asia be pl lt singles bike
holdings plumbing ventures camera
equipment estate gallery graphics
lighting contractors land technology
construction directory kitchen diamonds
enterprises voyage shoes careers
photos recipes limo domains
cab company computer center
systems academy management berlin
uno training solutions support
builders email education institute
repair camp glass ruhr
ceo شبكة сайт онлайн
solar coffee international house
florist みんな holiday marketing
tattoo sexy buzz link
gift guitars pics photo
viajes farm codes 移动

What are IDN Domains?

Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are domain names that use characters other than the letters A-Z from the Latin alphabet. These types of domain names contain non-ASCII characters such as Chinese, Arabic, or Russian. IDN domains allow international accessibility of the Internet by allowing users to register domain names in their own language and character set.

Dynadot was one of the first domain registrars to offer international domains and we have over 30 top-level domain (TLD) extensions that support IDNs in a variety of languages.

Why Register IDN Domains?

Although the Internet was founded on the English language, only 10% of the world's population are native English speakers. The most spoken language in the world today is Chinese, which uses a completely different character set than the Latin alphabet that English uses. Imagine trying to access the Internet, but being unable to read or write English and having to type in foreign characters to access websites. International domains are the solution to this problem.

As of 2012, over 70% of the world's Internet users were non-English speakers. As Internet usage rises around the world, that number will likely grow, making international domains a big opportunity. Registering your international domain is the best way to connect with a non-English speaking audience because not only will your website be in their native language, but your domain will be too.

Domain Supported Languages
com All
ws All
net All
org Bosnian Bulgarian Belarusian Chinese-Simplified Chinese-Traditional Danish German Hungarian Icelandic Korean Latvian Lithuanian Macedonian Polish Russian Serbian Spanish Swedish Ukrainian
ca French
tv All
cn Chinese
中国 Chinese
biz Chinese Danish Finnish German Hungarian Icelandic Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Spanish Swedish
guru French Spanish
clothing French Spanish
tips French Spanish
today French Spanish
photography French Spanish
co Chinese Danish Finnish French German Hungarian Icelandic Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish
pw All
de All
info Danish German Hungarian Icelandic Korean Latvian Lithuanian Polish Spanish Swedish
at All
eu All
la All
tel Chinese Danish Finnish French German Hungarian Icelandic Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish
name All
cc All
asia Chinese Japanese Korean
be All
pl All All All
lt All
singles French Spanish
bike French Spanish
holdings French Spanish
plumbing French Spanish
ventures French Spanish
camera French Spanish
equipment French Spanish
estate French Spanish
gallery French Spanish
graphics French Spanish
lighting French Spanish
contractors French Spanish
land French Spanish
technology French Spanish
construction French Spanish
directory French Spanish
kitchen French Spanish
diamonds French Spanish
enterprises French Spanish
voyage French Spanish
shoes French Spanish
careers French Spanish
photos French Spanish
recipes French Spanish
limo French Spanish
domains French Spanish
cab French Spanish
company French Spanish
computer French Spanish
center French Spanish
systems French Spanish
academy French Spanish
management French Spanish
berlin German
uno Spanish
training French Spanish
solutions French Spanish
support French Spanish
builders French Spanish
email French Spanish
education French Spanish
institute French Spanish
repair French Spanish
camp French Spanish
glass French Spanish
ruhr German
ceo German
شبكة Arabic
сайт Cyrillic
онлайн Cyrillic
solar French Spanish
coffee French Spanish
international French Spanish
house French Spanish
florist French Spanish
みんな Japanese
holiday French Spanish
marketing French Spanish
tattoo Cyrillic French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
sexy Cyrillic French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
buzz Spanish
link Cyrillic French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
gift Cyrillic French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
guitars Cyrillic French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
pics Cyrillic French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
photo Cyrillic French German Italian Portuguese Spanish
viajes French Spanish
farm French Spanish
codes French Spanish
移动 Chinese-Simplified

IDN Domain FAQs

What is UTF-8?
UTF-8 is a sequence of encoded characters that can represent characters in a foreign language. Your browser will display this data using an appropriate or familiar font.

What is Punycode?
Punycode transforms a Unicode sequence into a string of ASCII characters. Only letters (A-Z), digits (0-9), and hyphens are allowed. Punycode sequences always represent IDN domains starting with the characters "xn--".

What is ASCII?
ASCII stands for the American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It is a character-encoding scheme based on the English alphabet.

What is an IDN domain variant?
A variant is an alternative form of the domain name.

Why is there a drop down menu of languages next to some TLDs when I search for IDN domains?
ICANN requires that IDN domain registrations be associated with a language or set of languages. When you do an IDN domain search, you need to select the appropriate language from the drop down menu to register your domain. This ensures the appropriate language rules are applied to your domain name. Please note that not all TLDs follow this requirement, so if you do not see a drop down menu, you do not need to specify a language.

Why was my IDN domain not registered?
Sometimes our IDN domain search will say that your IDN domain is available, but we will not be able to register the domain for you. You can find more information on what causes IDN domain registration problems in our help files.

For more information about IDN domains, see the International Domain Names (IDN) section in our help files.