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What is stealth forwarding?

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Stealth forwarding is similar to domain forwarding except the domain name stays in the web browser's URL bar instead of being replaced by the new page's URL. This is is why it is called "stealth" forwarding because it appears that the web page displayed is actually part of the domain.

So say that you have a domain named, and you want to use stealth forwarding to have your domain point to When you use stealth forwarding, will load the index page located at, however the address will be displayed in the web browser's URL bar instead of the address.

Stealth forwarding only affects the domain itself. If you want to set up email forwarding with your domain, that is done separately.

Dynadot provides domain forwarding, domain stealth forwarding, and email forwarding free of charge when you register or transfer a domain name to us.

See how to set my domain to stealth forwarding right in your Dynadot account.

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